Dominica Update
Visitors enjoying kayaking at Soufriere Bay

Waitukubuli Sea Trail is Featured on Paddle TV

In April 2023, Discover Dominica Authority along with other entities, sponsored the filming of the Waitukubuli Sea Trail for PaddleTV. Hosted by Ken Whiting (World Champion kayaker, author, and Facing Waves TV series), Go Paddle is a premier source for paddling videos featuring kayaking, canoeing, stand-up paddling, rafting, kayak fishing, and more. Produced by Heliconia Productions and promoted through YouTube, these 10-minute features have garnered much attention from the North American market with bookings for the sea trail already being confirmed for later this year.

The great thing about the Waitukubuli Sea Trail (the Caribbean’s first and only Sea Kayaking Trail) is that it offers great paddling for all skill levels. Beginners can stick to sheltered and calm water, but if you want to push your limits a little, you can easily find some rough conditions to paddle.

Paddle TV

The Waitukubuli Sea Trail is the first sea kayaking trail in the Caribbean. It’s also one of the world’s most fantastic sea kayaking destinations. Visitors can paddle through crystal-clear blue waters, surrounded by lush green mountains, and immerse themselves in the natural beauty of Dominica. Be sure to to find out more about the amazing Waitukubuli Sea Trail and Ken Whiting’s experience by clicking on the videos!

The development of the Waitukubuli Sea Trail aligns with the Authority’s objective to attract 200,000 stayover visitors to the island by 2025. DDA will continue to promote marine and adventure tourism, and other niches within its mandate.