Dominica Update

CBS 60 Minutes Films in Dominica

A 10-member film crew visited Dominica from April 14 – 22, 2023 as part of a mission to film sperm whales. The film shoot was undertaken in collaboration with National Geographic Explorer conservationist and founder of Pristine Seas, Enric Sala. 

The crew, working in tandem with Dominica’s watersports practitioners, searched for the whales to obtain first hand experience and footage of the animals in their natural habitat.  All of this was done with the expressed permission of the Fisheries Division for undertaking research of our marine wildlife. 

The CBS 60 Minutes segment of the documentary featuring Dominica’s ‘resident’ sperm whales aired on May 14, 2023 which was watched by close to 7 million viewers. The 13 minute feature captured footage of Dominica’s verdant mountains, underwater scenery and of course sperm whales.

According to Mr. Sala, Dominica’s sperm whale population declines by 3% annually and this trend can be reversed through conservation efforts which address limitations on plastic trash, ocean noise pollution and ship strikes. This would undoubtedly serve to ensure the longevity of whale watching as a key contributor to Dominica’s tourism industry which would redound to economic benefits for Dominicans. 

The complete CBS 60 Minutes segment can be viewed online at