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Shannon Keegan swimming the Waitukubuli Sea Trail

Historic 58 Km Swim Sets New Record in Dominica

Shannon Keegan’s 58km swim boosts Dominica as a top destination for marathon swimming and eco-adventure tourism

History was made on November 27, 2023, as Shannon Keegan, a renowned marathon swimmer from the USA, became the first person to swim the entire length of Dominica along the Waitukubuli Sea Trail. Completing the staggering 58km journey in 25 hours and 40 minutes, Keegan’s swim has set a new benchmark in the world of marathon swimming.

Keegan began her ambitious endeavor at Scott’s Head at 12:52 AM on November 26, 2023, and reached Capuchin at 2:40 AM on November 27, 2023, proving her exceptional strength and perseverance. This feat was accomplished with the support of a dedicated team including two kayakers, a boat captain, two observers, and a team coordinator.

CEO of Discover Dominica, Colin Piper, has extended his congratulations to Shannon:

“Shannon’s accomplishment is not just a personal triumph but also a testament to the beauty and allure of Dominica’s Waitukubuli Sea Trail. Her achievement underscores Dominica’s commitment to promoting open-water and marathon swimming. We are proud to spotlight Dominica as a global destination for these sports, and this event marks a significant step in our journey.”

Keegan, a part of SwimMastery’s global network of coaches, undertook this daring swim not just to push her own limits, but to highlight Dominica as a premier eco-destination for adventure tourism and open-water swimming.

This historic swim was made possible by the commitment of HHV Whitchurch & Co. Ltd. and the Soufriere Outdoor Center (SOC), who are dedicated to enhancing Dominica’s eco-destination appeal. The SOC, founder of the Waitukubuli Sea Trail, the first marine trail in the Caribbean, has seen its initiative recognized in prestigious publications such as TIME Magazine and National Geographic.

With marathon swimming witnessing rapid growth since its inclusion in the Olympics in 2008, there is an increased demand for outdoor swim coaches and venues. Keegan’s landmark swim positions Dominica to tap into this burgeoning market, promoting the country as a leading destination for open-water swimming while contributing to environmental protection.

Shannon Keegan’s swim along the Waitukubuli Sea Trail is a personal achievement and a testament to Dominica’s commitment to open-water and marathon swimming. Her feat has set a new benchmark for marathon swimmers worldwide and has put Dominica firmly on the map as a top eco-destination for these sports.