Dominica Update
Members of the Caribbean Airlines press-fam trip

Dominica Welcomes Caribbean Airlines Representatives and Media Influencers on an Immersive Familiarization Trip

Unveiling Dominica’s Eco-Tourism Potential: An Immersive Experience

The Discover Dominica Authority (DDA) has announced a press-familiarization trip to Dominica. From Thursday, November 23 to Monday, November 27, 2023, representatives from Caribbean Airlines, travel agencies, and prominent environmental influencers will embark on an immersive journey to experience the best of what Dominica offers.

The trip is designed to give participants a firsthand understanding of Dominica’s rich biodiversity, eco-friendly initiatives, and unique tourism offerings. With a focus on eco-tourism, the DDA aims to enhance destination knowledge, promote responsible travel, and boost Dominica’s reputation as a leading eco-tourism destination.

“Caribbean Airlines is more than just an airline partner; they are a vital link connecting the world to our unique destination. Their broadening reach, both within and outside the Caribbean, provides a variety of options and creates exciting opportunities for travelers to discover the hidden gem Dominica.”

Colin Piper, CEO of Discover Dominica Authority

The itinerary includes a range of on-island activities and experiences, such as hotel visits, nature hikes, and cultural interactions, providing a comprehensive overview of the island’s attractions. Additionally, the DDA will host a press conference and meet-and-greet on Thursday, November 23, at 5:00pm.

“Dominica is a paradise for eco-tourists, and we are excited to showcase our island’s commitment to sustainable practices. We believe that this FAM trip will not only enlighten our guests about the wonders of Dominica but also inspire them to promote our beautiful island on their respective platforms.”

Monelle Alexis, Communications and Public Relations Specialist at DDA

The trip is also expected to facilitate a myriad of networking and partnership opportunities. By connecting with local businesses and tourism officials, participants can explore potential collaborations, ranging from package deals between airlines and hotels to sponsored content on influencers’ platforms.

As the state-owned airline of Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean Airlines operates flights to the Caribbean, North America, South America, and beyond. With an extensive route network, they offer travelers various options to connect with different destinations worldwide.