Dominica Update

Property Feature: Cocoa Cottage

Cocoa Cottage, a certified NISE property by the Discover Dominica Authority, was taken over by Tatjana Giessel and Oliver Schaff in January 2020. Having traveled extensively to tropic destinations, the couple searched for the perfect destination to own accommodations and to be creative. A garden was essential, as they love plants, especially the tropical lush flora.

The couple arrived in Dominica after searching for several years for a place that felt right. They had already seen many beautiful locations, houses and gardens during their travels, but somehow it was never perfect.

And then we came to Dominica… We immediately fell in love with the country, with its people, with the natural beauty, and with Cocoa Cottage. We knew that this is the place, it can’t get better anymore.

Oliver Schaff

Cocoa Cottage already was a beautiful and busy guest house for many years. The former owners created a magical atmosphere and it immediately felt just right: the layout, architecture, and decoration of the houses and rooms, the creative ideas and vibes, the ideal combination of convenience with simplicity, the openness and the immersion into nature.

Since taking over Cocoa Cottage, the couple has invested all their earnings into developing the property and buildings. With the help of the Discover Dominica Authority, they received concessions for these projects. Today, Cocoa Cottage continues to be developed by a team of four local employees and many local contractors.

Tatjana and Oliver enhanced the surroundings of the property by planting about 1,000 vetiver plants and about 100 new fruit trees, bushes, and perennials. This also addressed the land erosion from a nearby river. The couple also constructed natural stone walls along the river to secure the slopes, which integrated beautifully into the landscape. They renovated rooms, enhanced the wooden support structures, and opened a seventh guest room. The German couple continues to add a creative touch while enhancing the accommodation offering at Cocoa Cottage.

“This is ongoing work, which keeps Cocoa Cottage beautiful and safe, and adds to our guest experience, reflected by the positive reviews that we receive. We are very happy that we had the chance to start this project on Dominica. It is such a great country, with so many opportunities: it just feels right.

Tatjana Giessel

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