Dominica Update
Mike and Amanda at Jaco Falls, Dominica | Cr: Shwaly Taxi

Unplanned Adventure: American Tourists Find Unexpected Paradise in Dominica

On July 3rd, 2023, two American tourists who had booked their flights to the Dominican Republic through Expedia found themselves on our beautiful island of Dominica instead. Despite the initial disappointment, Amanda’s unwavering belief that they were meant to be in Dominica led them on an unexpected adventure. After several attempts to rectify their flight bookings, they decided to embrace their new destination and booked a stay at the Jungle Bay Resort. Their first experience in Dominica, thanks to the warm welcome from DDA team and Mr. Lennox Cadette of Shwaly Taxi, turned out to be a memorable one.

During their transfer from the airport to the resort, Mr. Cadette went above and beyond his duty, providing them with an impromptu tour of the island’s stunning sites including Jacko Falls which can be seen in the photos. His warm hospitality and deep knowledge of Dominica’s culture and history brought smiles to their faces and made them feel truly welcomed.

Despite their unplanned arrival, Mike and Amanda’s decision to embrace their unexpected vacation became a blessing in disguise. Their positive attitude and willingness to explore a new destination introduced them to the local culture and warm hospitality of the Nature Island. Their story serves as a reminder that sometimes, the best journeys are the ones we least expect. This serve as an inspiration for other travelers to be open to new experiences and make the most of unforeseen circumstances.

Mike and Amanda, we welcome your presence and celebrate your adventurous spirits!

*Shared with permission of Mike, Amanda and Shwaly Taxi.