Dominica Update
Mr. Denis Jules, Tourist Information Supervisor - DDA (L); Miss Naurel Joseph, Information Officer -DDA (R)

American Airlines Hosts Aviation Fair to Promote Safety Awareness

DDA is excited to share the recent initiative by American Airlines to promote safety awareness within the aviation industry. As part of their commitment to safety, American Airlines earmarked June as their safety month and organized an Aviation Fair on June 15, 2023 at the DCA (Douglas Charles Airport).

The event aimed to raise safety awareness among students from eight schools located in the east of Dominica. American Airlines, in collaboration with airport stakeholders including DDA (Discover Dominica Authority), invited these students to participate in the fair and to learn about aviation safety and best practices.

The Aviation Fair provided a unique opportunity for students to engage with professionals from the aviation industry, including the Met Office, Health, Fire Service, Aviation Security , DDA, and ground-handling staff. Through interactive displays, demonstrations, and informative sessions, the students were able to gain valuable insights into the importance of safety in aviation.

DDA also played a significant role in the fair, showcasing their efforts and initiatives in ensuring its commitment to inform tourists and stakeholders of the Nature Island’s tourism product and approved accommodations, taxis, tour operators and more. This collaboration between American Airlines and airport stakeholders highlights the shared commitment towards maintaining a safe and secure aviation environment.

DDA extend its gratitude to American Airlines, the Ministry of Tourism, stakeholders, and all the participating schools for their dedication to promoting safety awareness within the aviation industry. Events like these play a crucial role in educating and inspiring the next generation of aviation professionals.