Dominica Update
Visitors enjoying the view of Trafalgar Falls, one of Dominica's premier eco sites

Dominica Celebrates Caribbean Tourism Month

Dominica joined the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) and the rest of the Caribbean in celebrating Caribbean Tourism Month 2022.

Caribbean Tourism Month was first celebrated in 2011 and is an initiative of the CTO. Tourism Month seeks to create opportunities to increase awareness of the importance of tourism to the Caribbean region, to generate media coverage of the tourism product in each destination, and to reflect on the invaluable impact of tourism on the economic, social, and cultural well-being in the Caribbean.

According to the CTO, this year’s theme is Caribbean Wellness and is even more relevant considering the World Tourism Day theme of “Rethinking Tourism” as we navigate the post-pandemic period.

In honor of Caribbean Tourism Month, Dominica highlighted its many wellness experiences. In 2021, the Government of Dominica designated 2022 to be the Year of Health and Wellness with the two main goals of enhancing the health and wellness of citizens and tourists and increasing visitor arrivals to Dominica.

As a result, an events calendar was created, and many activities were organized around themed months. A floating lantern festival symbolized the importance of reflection and renewal in January; in February, the destination safely executed special events; and in March, award-winning gospel singer Sinach celebrated her birthday in the Nature Island, bringing her praise and worship talents to the month’s theme of ‘inner peace.’

In April, people participated in fitness challenges at the island’s scenic tourism sites. The event proved popular, and the organizers and participants dubbed Dominica as one big outdoor gym! Similarly, visitors and attendees to the island’s signature Jazz ‘n Creole event were able to experience a Jazz ‘n spas experience which invited persons to unwind after the event at the island’s hot spas in the Roseau Valley.

Additionally, Dominica revisited its history in September and paid homage to its first peoples, the Kalinago. Thereafter, lovers of the World Creole Music Festival emerged in Dominica to celebrate the long-awaited epic event. Patrons, media, and influencers embraced the opportunity to enjoy the rich Creole culture of the Nature Island.

To culminate the month’s celebrations, the Discover Dominica Authority produced a video highlighting Dominica’s wellness through the lens of a local athlete. The video, below, premiered on November 30, 2022.