Dominica Update
USA Arrivals vs AA Arrivals, January to July 2022 | Cr: DDA

Dominica’s Visitor Arrivals from the US Continue to Rise

There has been a spike in US visitor arrivals since the inception of American Airlines’ direct flight from Miami to Dominica in December 2021. A total of 2,019 US visitor arrivals were recorded in July 2022, the highest on record, dating back to February 2017, when Ross University operated within Dominica. The US market accounted for 33% of total arrivals into Dominica from January to July 2022, a 17 percentage point increase over the same period in 2017 when it accounted for 14% of arrivals.

American Airlines has seen month-on-month increases in passenger arrivals and now accounts for 75% of US visitor arrivals into Dominica. The airline is also the leading air carrier, accounting for 36% of total air arrivals among nine airline operators.