Dominica Update
Dominica Bureau of Standards & Discover Dominica Authority staff with President of American Canyoneering Association

Extreme Dominica Canyoning Training by the American Canyoneering Association

To improve safety and security in canyoning, Extreme Dominica undertook a technical skills training in collaboration with the American Canyoneering Association (ACA). The ACA training program is a step-by-step process that systematically teaches and assesses techniques for safe canyoning with commercial groups.

The overall goal is to train guides to become technical experts in a wide variety of vertical terrain in complex and challenging conditions. The program trains guides to anticipate problems and then apply solutions that mitigate technical issues effectively and efficiently.

The technical aspects of the Canyon Leader’s work are critical, but it really makes up a very small percentage of what is occurring in daily guiding. The leadership of a guide is most important, and assessments of guests begin from the very first encounter. All details play an important role in how tour guides interact with guests to ensure a safe and enjoyable canyoning experience.

Rick Green ~ President, American Canyoneering Association

The daily program commenced at Extreme Dominica’s headquarters where different techniques were introduced and practiced. An evaluation was conducted daily to include rope and gear techniques, rigging, rescue, and interaction with guests.  The training team comprised of Rick Green, President and Master Instructor of the ACA; Bruce Scorpio, Master Instructor; and Joe Scorpio, Swift Water Rescue specialist from Canada. The entire crew then undertook assessments of how the canyon operates in Dominica.

Extreme Dominica is certified by Discover Dominica Authority as a Nature Island Standards of Excellence (NISE) tour operator. With 16 years of experience, training, and partnership with the American Canyoneering Association, Extreme Dominica has maintained a high quality of safe canyon tours in Dominica. The company has been listed by TripAdvisor as number one of 31 outdoor activities in Roseau. To contact Extreme Dominica, visit, call +1 (767) 245 4328 or +1 (767) 285 9136, or email [email protected].