Dominica Update
Quality Assurance Officer, Mrs. Bernabe, presents NISE certificate to accommodation provider, Ms. Sharplis.

The Importance of Standards

Standards play an important role in the economy by facilitating business interaction and mutual understanding. They are used as tools to facilitate communication, measurement, commerce, and manufacturing.

Standards are developed by Technical Committees through the Standards Development Process. A Technical Committee is a group of stakeholders responsible for developing and drafting standards which are then ratified by Standards Development Organizations. The Standards Development process can take up to 24 months through seven stages. It begins with a request and ends with a published National Standard document. Anyone can suggest ideas for new standards and part of the process involves consultation with stakeholders and the general public. To ensure relevance and continuous improvement, the document is reviewed every five years for revision or withdrawal.

Using the Standards Development Process, standards were developed nationally under the Nature Island Standards of Excellence (NISE) brand in collaboration with the Dominica Bureau of Standards. The Dominica Bureau of Standards facilitates Dominica’s participation in the development of tourism-related standards on regional and international levels. These include standards for general accommodation, food and beverage, vending of craft and merchandise, tour guides, tour operators, tourism and taxi services, water sports, travel agencies and rentals. This is implemented by the Quality Assurance Unit of the Discover Dominica Authority.

For further information, please contact:

Dominica Bureau of Standards – [email protected] or 275-5921

Discover Dominica Authority – [email protected] or 448-2045.