Dominica Update
SeaMester students at Boiling Lake

SeaMester Educational Group Visits Dominica

Discover Dominica Authority recently welcomed the SeaMester educational group to Dominica. The SeaMester program is a one-of-a-kind study abroad and gap year program where college-age students live aboard a sailing vessel as they learn to sail around the world, scuba dive, and take classes like Oceanography, Marine Biology, Nautical Science, and Leadership — all for school credit. It introduces students to new challenges and allows them to learn many life skills in the process by working and growing together as a team.

The program allows students to explore nature and new cultures of many amazing places like Dominica.

“Student tourism is recognized as an important niche market for the destination. Consequently, DDA will continue its efforts to attract student groups to island as it has great potential to the attainment of 200,000 stay over visitors by 2025”.

Odile Jno. Baptiste, Product Promotions Manager (Ag.), DDA

This year’s 19-member group visited Dominica from July 17-22, 2022 via the Ocean Star vessel which travels between BVI and Grenada throughout the year. While on island the group had a great time and enjoyed the Indian River tour, the Boiling lake hike, and an island tour facilitated in part by the Discover Dominica Authority.