Dominica Update

Rat Race Brings a Brand New Adventure Challenge to Dominica!

Discover Dominica Authority is pleased to announce an inaugural adventure product in Dominica by UK based company, Rat Race. The ‘Dominica Toe to Tip’ event is a true bucket-list experience featuring 100 miles of running and hiking from southern Scott’s Head to northern Capuchin. The seven-day event incorporates the Waitukubuli National Trail as its central focus with a 13 mile road-and-bush run from Pont Casse through Layou to Segment 9.

In early 2019, Jim Mee, Director of Rat Race, visited many of the island’s highlights and trail segments. He also held meetings with officials from the Ministry of Tourism, Discover Dominica Authority, the Forestry, Wildlife & Parks Division, the Waitukubuli National Trail management team, and other locals who were essential to this event. Abbi Naylor, Head of Expeditions, visited Dominica in July 2021 with a team of six adventurers to test and finalize this year’s route. When researching the multiple Caribbean islands, she decided that the nature island, Dominica, was a standout contender: “The Waitukubuli National Trail is over 100 miles from the south to the north, the ascent profile is massive and the distance perfect to explore the breezy jungle and coastlines.”

The internationally known Rat Race offers “extraordinary adventures designed for everyday folk” with physical and mental challenges designed for achievability. From June 30 to July 9, 2022, the ‘Toe to Tip’ adventure saw 27 participants journey through jungle and tropical farmlands, over mountains, and across rivers on a life-altering challenge. The eight-member Rat Race crew, supported by local guides, drivers, and the country representative, provided support and monitoring through grueling and wet conditions.

Carla Armour, Director of Vetivert Inc. and Rat Race’s local partner, was instrumental in bringing this event to reality and provided a warm welcome to the group. In her opening remarks, she shared that it was always her dream to realize an intense running and extreme adventure event which would touch on many areas of Dominica’s tourism sector and the island’s economy.

“As a local NISE certified company Vetivert Inc., it has been an honor to take on the position of the in-country Strategic Partner, working with Rat Race over the last 3 years and our Dominica teams, to pull together this Toe to Tip annual event which is a ground-breaking tourism offering for our Caribbean destination.” ~Carla Armour.

The participants stayed at various accommodations including hotels, camping at WNT Headquarters, and the Karbet at the Kalinago Barana Aute. The activities culminated with a Kalinago Cultural Immersion Day facilitated by over 30 businesses and service providers including Kalinago guides, restaurants, accommodation providers, farmers, drivers, and artisans.  The participants were 65% female from countries such as Canada, USA, Mauritius, Australia, Greece, and the UK, and ranged in ages from 26 to 77.  For future editions of Rat Race Dominica Toe to Tip, visit For authentic heritage destination experiences, contact [email protected].

To enhance and develop the tourism industry, a program of standards known as the Nature Island Standards of Excellence (NISE) was developed by Discover Dominica Authority. This program is a mandate of the Tourism (Regulations and Standards) Act # 19 of 2005 and is intended to regulate and certify tourism services such as lodging, taxi and tour guiding services. As of July 2022, there are currently sixteen tour operators that are NISE certified. For more information on becoming NISE certified, please contact Discover Dominica Authority at 255-8221 or email [email protected].