Dominica Update

taCONNECT Adventure & Expedition Travel Virtual Road Show

MMGY Myriad, DDA Marketing Representative in the US, attended the taCONNECT Adventure & Expedition Travel Virtual Road Show from January 10-14, 2022. The Road Show presented MMGY Myriad with the opportunity to promote Dominica’s vast offerings to travel advisors with a specific interest in adventure. Over 800 travel advisors attended the Virtual Road Show over four days, and MMGY Myriad participated in dozens of 1-on-1 appointments to promote the island. MMGY Myriad shared information about the new nonstop flights from Miami-Dominica, acted as a resource for advisors interested in Dominica, and gained new contacts to engage with. The company observed a strong interest in Dominica from the advisors who indicated that clients are looking for new, warm destinations that provide both relaxation and adventure.