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Secret Bay

Secret Bay Earns Green Globe Re-Certification For the Fourth Year in a Row

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Secret Bay is overjoyed to announce the successful achievement of the Green Globe Re-Certification for the fourth year in a row. As one of two Green Globe Certified properties in Dominica, we continue to wear this accolade with immense pride, knowing that we not only represent the finest in luxury but also the pinnacle of eco-conscious hospitality.

An Elevated Guest Experience

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Guests are welcomed to Secret Bay not just as travelers, but as partners in our sustainability narrative. From the moment you land, the Secret Bay promise begins. With delectable, locally-produced treats, paperless check-in, and water bottle fill-up stations, guests are effortlessly greeted with little luxuries that support a more sustainable experience. 

A Taste of the Island’s Bounty 

Every dining experience at Secret Bay is a delightful journey of sustainability. Whether dining at the renowned Zing Zing restaurant or experiencing Secret Bay’s newest Botanica Organic Garden & Chef’s Table, every menu pays homage to our fruitful surroundings, giving guests a taste of the island’s bounty. As guests savor these exquisite meals, they can take pride in knowing their culinary journey supports both local communities and the environment.

Design in Harmony With Nature

But the commitment doesn’t stop at dining. A deep reverence for nature is seamlessly interwoven into the design of Secret Bay. The resort has meticulously crafted its architecture to exist harmoniously with the surrounding landscape, minimizing ecological impact while maximizing guest comfort. This sustainable design principle ensures that every villa not only provides an unparalleled luxurious experience but also a gentle footprint on the Earth.

Foraging a Green Path Ahead

While the Green Globe standards provide a robust framework, at Secret Bay, we believe in pushing the envelope. As we journey forward, our sights are set on not just meeting but exceeding global sustainability standards. Our continued dedication to this cause signifies our promise—to our esteemed guests, our dedicated staff, and the breathtaking island of Dominica—to foster a haven where luxury meets sustainability. Ready to explore Secret Bay?  Find your stay today here.

To learn more about Green Globe standards and criteria, visit their website.