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Dominica delegation in Martinique | Cr: DSC

Dominica State College Represents at Caribmun Conference

From April 23- 28, 2023, a team of five representatives from the Division of Tourism & Hospitality Studies of the Dominica State College embarked on a trip to Martinique to participate in the Association of Caribbean States (ACS) Caribmun Conference. The purpose of their attendance was to represent the College and engage in discussions regarding climate change and its impact on small island developing states.

The conference focused on exploring strategies to mitigate the effects of climate change. The student representatives were tasked with researching a designated country and developing measures to reduce carbon emissions. Additionally, they were assigned another Caribbean country to prepare position and resolution papers for. The representatives were Darren Francis, Elize Hamilton, Nickaille Jno Baptiste, Titania Eustache, and their lecturer, Ms. Marisa Sabaroche-Jules. The students presented their findings on the islands of The Bahamas; emphasizing sea level rise, storm intensity, stony coral tissue loss disease, and coastal flooding and its repercussions on the tourism industry.

The ACS Caribmun Conference was held at Bellevue Lycee in Martinique from April 26-27, 2023, where participants from various institutions gathered to engage in discussions and debates related to climate change. Dominica State College collaborated with Nord de Caraibee Lycee located in Belfontaine for this event. The conference took place .

On April 26, the student representatives from Dominica State College delivered a compelling presentation on the island of Bahamas. They highlighted the pressing issues of sea level rise, intensified storms, Stony coral tissue loss disease, and coastal flooding, emphasizing their adverse effects on the tourism industry. The students showcased extensive research and proposed innovative solutions to combat these challenges. One of the key resolutions put forth by the team was the implementation of Biomimicry—a design and production approach based on mimicking biological entities and processes. This resolution aimed to tackle climate change by developing materials, structures, and systems inspired by nature.

The following day, the student representatives engaged in a vigorous debate regarding their resolution paper on Biomimicry. They presented their arguments persuasively and effectively, advocating for the adoption of biomimicry as a means to mitigate climate change. Their efforts were rewarded when the resolution was successfully passed, signifying the recognition and acceptance of their proposal. College representatives’ hard work and dedication had paid off, making the conference a resounding success for them.

The trip to Martinique for the ACS Caribmun Conference proved to be an enriching and fruitful experience for the five representatives from the DSC Division of Tourism & Hospitality Studies. Through their extensive research and engaging presentations, they effectively addressed the impact of climate change on small island developing states, with a particular focus on the Bahamas. The students’ resolution on the incorporation of Biomimicry as a climate change mitigation strategy was well-received and successfully passed. This accomplishment is a testament to their dedication and the quality of their work. The conference provided a valuable platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration among students from different institutions, fostering a deeper understanding of the challenges posed by climate change and the potential solutions. Overall, the trip was a significant milestone for the Division and Dominica State College and its commitment to addressing climate change on both regional and global scales.