Dominica Update

Dominica’s Cruise Industry on the Rebound

Dominica’s cruise industry is on the rebound after a devastating blow from the COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in the cessation of cruise activity for a sixteen-month period from March 2020. Based on preliminary data, the season yielded 244,280 visitors, exceeding the 2021/22 season by 71%. This performance also surpassed the pre-pandemic season (2019–2020) by 29%.

March 2023 had the highest monthly arrivals in the 2023 season (58,704), reflecting the best monthly performance since the reintroduction of cruise activity in July 2021 and the best monthly performance dating back to January 2017.

Negotiations are ongoing for the addition of cruise calls to boost the current performance trend, and this is indicative of a promising outlook for the 2023–24 cruise season.