Dominica Update
Erin at Champagne Beach

DDA Raises Awareness of Destination’s Luxury Offerings

In late November 2022, Zapwater Communications, Discover Dominica Authority’s North American representative, worked with Dominica to host luxury travel influencer Erin Cohen of Cohlabz, based in Miami on an influencer press trip. Key highlights include her post resulting in over a million impressions. Erin, who has 141,000 Instagram followers, 10,800 Pinterest subscribers and 10,900 unique visitors per month (UVPM), was also tasked with sharing two Instagram posts, six Instagram reels, three Instagram story sets, two  blog posts, six Pinterest pins, 13 high-res images, and one high-res video. Overall, Erin’s Instagram content resulted in more than 26 posts, 2.73% engagement rate (ER), 1,100,000 impressions, 145,800 total reach, and $277.2k estimated media value (EMV).

Some of Erin’s content can be found below:

Overall, Erin’s content is very strong, especially with regard to the video content provided. Additionally, a number of Erin’s posts specifically highlighted priority messaging regarding the direct American Airlines flight from Miami to Dominica, raising further awareness for the offering. Similarly, the content spoke well to a number of pillars from romance and wellness to aqua and adventure. Erin did an incredible job at highlighting what makes Dominica so unique for prospective travelers.

Team DDA and Zapwater Communications are especially glad to see she shared a number of the reels as collaborative posts with DDA, giving posts more legs and reaching an even wider audience all around.