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Victoria Falls

Wild Caribbean: Vagabond Magazine features Dominica in an 8-page spread

In April 2022, Discover Dominica Authority hosted Swedish journalist Karen Wimar on a press trip to gather content for an 8-page spread in the Swedish magazine, Vagabond. DDA is pleased to share the resulting article which shows readers where to stay, where to visit and where to eat.

Excerpt: “You see, that’s why you live so long here.  The mountains give us exercise,  the water is fresh  and clear and  the food is unsprayed.”

Daniel Nunez, Hibiscus Eco Tours

The Vagabond magazine reaches approximately 150,000 readers per issue with eight issues per year. Additionally, the magazine has 38,000 Facebook followers, 11,400 Instagram followers and 350-400K page views per month on their website