Dominica Update
From L-R, Ms. Kasia John-Republic Bank Limited, Ms. Kimberly King-DDA, Ms. Tarnia Eugene- Miss Dominica contestant, Mr.David Davis-Republic Bank Limited, Ms. Daphne Vidal-DDA

MAS DOMNIK “The Real Mas” Kicks off in Dominica

Carnival Celebrations are back in Dominica, with the official opening of Mas Dominik 2023 which takes place on Saturday, January 14, 2023, from 6PM at the Stadium Forecourt preceded by the National Street Parade at 3PM, under the theme, “Mas an Lawi”. 

After a two-year absence, carnival in Dominica is back with color, excitement, music, cheerleaders, masquerades, costume bands, T-shirt bands, and troupes. A mix of traditional and contemporary flavors and highlights from Lapo Kabwit bands, Sensay, Black Devils, and Stilt Walkers provide a taste of the cultural heritage. The display will also include the Calypso King and Carnival Queen, the contestants of Miss Dominica, and other pageants.

The 2023 Carnival Calendar boasts two months of activities for every age group including jump-ups, fetes, parades, pageants, and calypso. Among the highlighted events are the Miss Dominica Carnival Queen Pageant scheduled for February 16th, 2023; SunRise on February 17th, 2023; and the grand Calypso Finals on February 18th, 2023. Calypso patrons can also look out for weekly calypso tents on Wednesdays and Fridays with the Stardom Tent being held at Petit Miami, and Mas Camp at M&G Jerk Hut. Both are located at Castle Comfort.

Miss Tarnia Latoya Eugene, contestant number #4 of the Miss Dominica Pageant, was officially sashed by her sponsor Republic Bank, Ltd.  Other notable sponsors who have come on board thus far are the National Bank of Dominica, sponsor for contestant #5 Sandrin Elizee, and Convenience Plus/De Construction Solutions Ltd, sponsor for contestant #1 Meeya Francis. Belfast Umbrella of Companies has also confirmed its sponsorship for the Carnival season with  BB rum being the official rum for Carnival 2023.

Mas Domnik, dubbed The Real Mas, is considered to be one of the most eventful seasons in Dominica, portraying authentic masquerade in the Caribbean, and will run right through Carnival Monday on February 20th culminating on Tuesday, February 21st, 2023.  

A unique opportunity is open to all, and we welcome visitors to join in and experience the Caribbean’s Real Mas experience. Airline and ferry tickets are still available and people are encouraged to book early.

Mas Domnik 2023 is presented by the Government of Dominica through the Ministry of Tourism and Discover Dominica Authority (DDA). Discover Dominica Authority encourages everyone to use the hashtags #TheRealMas, #MasAnLawi,#DiscoverDominica, #DominicaFestivalsCommittee , #DominicaCarnival, and #MasDomnik in social media posts.